AIRECS001 – Wavescape – K.E.W EP

AIRECS001! Wavescape is back with a deep and ambient three track EP featuring his trade-mark soundscapes flowing over subtle rhythms

K09 Setting the scene with a big 808 kick and lush opening soundscape, opens out with a massive, deep, dark bass line. Haunting melodies top things off over the fluid rhythm track. E09 Like its stable-mate.

K09, takes booming 808 and a heavy bass line and accentuates them with trade-mark thick ambient chords, soothing melodies and intricate beats. Another mindful journey into the deep.

W03 An ambient, drum and bass free take on E09 allowing the thick chords and subtle underling textures to shine through. With an adjusted arrangement this stripped back version finishes off the soundtrack.

E09 Ruff Control Stardust Mix – Ruff Control pumps up the beats and ads rhythmic filtering to the original chords of E09. Retaining the melodic synth sounds in homage to the soundtrack feel of the original, RCs mix builds and drops to heat up the dance floor appeal.

Produced by Paul Weston
Mixed by Matt Esau at MJM
Mastered by George Shilling at Bank Cottage

Released worldwide 30th Aug 2013 – Buy on Beatport