AIRECS005 – Wavescape – She’s not Real EP (feat. Colin Dale remix)

Wavescape once more graces the catalogues of AIRecs with his second release, and this EP is super tight. We couldn’t be happier to have it on board, along side an excellent interpretation of Retropolis from Colin Dale on remix duties.

The title track Synthetic Pleasures sees those classic Wavescape thick pads and atmospheres hook up, in perfect harmony, with a bouncy deep house groove. The warm textures and snappy beat will soon have you wrapped up in a particularly pleasant audio nirvana, have a shuffle or sit back and get lost in the journey. We love this track at AIRecs – a real evolution of the Wavescape sound.

Second up comes Retropolis. A track for the deeper, sophisticated listener, full of captivating production, carefully executed programming, and a musical structure effortlessly melting the mix together. This one will draw you deep into the soundscape you only get with a Wavescape production. You can easily see why Colin Dale latched on this track for his remix. See next….

Third, and absolutely by no means least, we are massively honoured playing host to a really special remix from Colin Dale. Departing from the Wavescape sound Colin ramps up the groove, strips back the soundscapes, turns up the chunk-o-meter to 11, and delivers a pumping analogue groove, accented with subtle drums and fx dipping and diving around the mix as it builds and pulses – this is a heavy remix that won’t fail to get heads nodding.

Produced by Paul Weston
Mixed by Paul Weston and Matt Esau
Mastered by Rob Small

Released worldwide 1st September 2014 – Buy on Beatport