Animal Instincts Recordings – or AIRecs as we’re known to our friends – hopes to remain open minded, forward thinking, and genre breaking in a world where never before have we been exposed to so much music. Releasing music has never been easier, we’ve benefited from that ourselves, but it also poses a problem – disposable mentality. We wouldn’t be so presumptuous to suggest that what we release is better than anything else out there, but at the heart of the AIRecs beat is the recognition and respect for the blood, sweat and tears that go into anything worthwhile – rarely is there a short cut that satisfies the passion behind meaningful pursuits. So, check us out, we try to release music that isn’t just for today, or for two weeks time, or even a month. Music should be savored and enjoyed mindfully, so we strive to offer you something that justifies that effort.

We also want to acknowledge that music knows no boundaries and the world is a big place, with many influences, perspectives and histories. Why not try to appreciate and enjoy as much as you can during your short stay on this little rock we call home…

AIRecs – a breath of fresh air.