Mark Ambrose

Mark started as a lover of electronic house music back in the late 80s. He soon became hooked on the music, mainly from Chicago, New York and Detroit. In 1989 he decided to get a pair of Technics 1210s and began mixing in his bedroom. Not long after, he was getting booked play in clubs around the south coast of England.

After finding his love for synthesizers, samplers and drum machines, he went on to producing his own music and in 1997, started his own label – CRAYON.He became labelled as an abstract Tech-house artist, recording mostly on CRAYON. He also recorded tracks under the name SKYMASTER, a heavier techno style project. There were four releases under SKYMASTER on Leftfield’s Offshoot label. One memorable track was Shooting stars, which became an underground classic amongst the techno crowd.

Mark has recorded for other labels such as Force Inc, Minifunk Records, Mosaic, Solid Groove, Euphoria and Wiggle amongst others. Mark has traveled as a DJ all over the world, playing at many nightclubs in England, Scotland, Spain, Norway, Croatia, Brazil, U.S.A, Canada, France, Slovenia, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Penang and Singapore.